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Our office experienced a HUGE move on Sunday, May 28.  We closed our Ferndale office and merged the Massage Therapy schedule into the Bellingham Bellwether office.  It was a perfect fit so none of the therapist lost hours, some even gained more hours due to our ability to provide treatments later into the evening.

What’s New this Month?
  • Massage Treatments available at 7:30pm, 7:45pm and 8pm some evenings.
  • Men’s Health Week (second week of June)
  • Premera requires authorization for Massage Therapy visits starting July 1, 2016
  •  Schedule your Acupuncture and Massage treatment on theSAME DAY, back to back.
  • Zack and Kayla are approved to accept Cigna and Aetna In-Network
  • $10 off coupon towards your next treatment
  • Schedule your treatment online
Our New Products
We started selling Cryderm Hot and Cryoderm Cold in our office at the beginning of this year.  To date, we have sold over 200 Cryoderm bottles.  Come into the office and get a FREE sample to see what all the buzz is about.

Use this $10 off certificate on your next full priced massage treatment with any massage therapist.  Use towards an hour massage ($75 regular price) or an hour and half treatment ($110 regular price).  May also be used towards your First Acupuncture Visit with Shannon Freeman, LAC, EAMP ($100 regular price)

Offer Expires 06/30/2016. Coupon Code: JulyMensHealthDiscount

Men’s Health Week (second week of June)
Checkups and Screenings Checklist
Guildelines for Men
  • Physical Exam
  • Blood Pressure
  • TB Skin Test
  • Blood Tests & Urinalysis
  • EKG
  • Tetanus Booster
  • Recal Exam
  • PSA Blood Test
  • Hemoccult
  • Colorectal Health
  • Chest X-RAY
  • Bone Health
  • Self Exams
  • Testosterone Screening
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

Men’s Health Check List – For Print

Authorizations Required beginning July 1, 2015
   Premera Insurance Card Holders
  • Massage Therapy will require authorization from eviCore prior to treatment.  
  • According to Premera, Medical necessity review authorization is based on member benefits and eligibility at the time of service. The review determines medical necessity and treatment appropriateness.
  • Prescriptions for Massage Therapy will now be required for all policies that require authorizations.  Please have your primary care physician or chiropractor fax those prescriptions to 360-366-4241.
  • Check to see if your policy requires authorization.  Go to our websiteand we can do the check for you.

What you can do to prevent this action by Premera, if you do not agree to having your treatments monitored and evaluated by a third party:

  • Contact your Employer’s HR Department and demand they have authorizations be removed from your healthcare policy
  • Notify Premera and inform them you will change insurance companies if they continue to force authorizations for treatments
  • Pay for massage treatments out of pocket.


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