Acupuncture and Ear Seeds

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Celebrity and Ear Seeds

Celebrity and Ear Seeds

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, depression, back pain or sciatic pain, obesity, or would like to stop chemical addiction, to name a few conditions, using ear seeds might be for you. In this form of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist places the tiny seeds of the vaccaria plant or very tiny stainless steel balls on key points on the ear and tapes them in place. Pressing on the key sites stimulates the related point and might be able to help you reduce pain, depression, lose weight, or help minimize drug cravings when they arise. This practice should not be a substitute for conventional medicine.


According to TCM, the ear hosts acupressure points, similar to foot reflexology, that correspond to each part of the body. When you stimulate a point, the smooth and abundant flow of qi or vital life energy returns the related organ or area, allowing healing to take place. Ear seeds can be used in combination with weekly acupuncture treatments  in order to treat a host of symptoms, and can offer gentle support for your reducing chronic pain or losing weight, or to help you fight addictions.


TCM seeks to treat the whole person or the root issue, not just a symptom.  It is important to continue your care with your Primary Care Provider while receiving Acupuncture Treatments from a Licensed Acupuncturist.  Ear Seeds help you become involved with your own treatment, treating the daily symptoms, while the Acupuncturist works on the root health issue to help you resolve and live a healthier life.

To schedule your Acupuncture appointment and being Ear Seed treatments, please contact A Better Way Massage and Acupuncture at 360-389-0062 and schedule with a Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist.

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