For Doctors

Medical Massage and Medical Acupuncture

Your patient has come to you and requested us for medical massage and medical acupuncture and requests that we bill his/her insurance.  As a medical provider, we must meet insurance and legal requirements of medical necessity.  Therefore, the following PDF is a form that needs to be completed and signed by you.

Many insurance companies require a treatment plan for massage therapy.

Chronic and Acute Pain Treatment Plan:  We suggest for chronic and acute cases, two massages a week for three weeks, then re-evaluation of pain and function before ordering additional treatments from you.  Additional treatments for massage therapy is typically 8 treatments, one massage a week for 8 weeks, until chief complaint is resolved.

Motor Vehicle Accident Massage Treatment Plan: 2 massage a week for 6 weeks, then 1 massage a week for 8 weeks.  Re-evaluate for pain and function with progress report faxed to you at end of treatment cycle.

Washington State Labor and Industry: 2 massage a week for 3 weeks.  L&I require a prescription for the initial 6 treatments, then an additional prescription for an additional 6 treatments upon prior approval with second prescription.

Would you be so kind as to indicate the diagnoses you would have our office treat and sign and fax the form back to us at your earliest convenience.

Upon request, we will keep you informed of the treatments and results by sending copies of our S.O.A.P (treatment notes) notes to you.  We thank you for your trust and understanding of our supportive medical services.

Please call us if you would like us to send you a referral package for your office, or if you would like massage/acupuncture prescription pads.  We can send those to you immediately.

We look forward to our association and your direction.

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