When to seek an acupuncture or massage treatment…

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Do I need to seek acupuncture and/or massage treatment?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you may be suffering from whiplash, ligament or tendon damage, muscle sprain or strain due to an accident or injury.

  1. Are you experiencing headaches, head and neck pains, stiff neck, muscle spasms?
  2. Do you have restricted head motion?
  3. Do you have equilibrium problems, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears?
  4. Are you experiencing eyestrain, increased sensitivity to light?
  5. Have you felt light-headed, excessively tired, or blacked out?
  6. Have you had any neuralgia (nerve pain) or neuritis (nerve inflammation)?
  7. Do you have cold hands or feet, or numbness of arms, hands, shoulders, feet, legs?
  8. Are you experiencing periods of unexplained depression, anxiety, irritability?
  9. Are you unable to concentrate, have poor memory?
  10. Do you have pains between the shoulders, low-back pains, tremors, rapid heartbeat?

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